Something We All Do
This project is about farting, something that everyone does but often people are ashamed of. Through casual scenery and a variety of different people, this piece shows that it’s okay to fart, and it’s okay to laugh it off. It’s something everyone does, regardless of how we look, act, or feel, and we shouldn’t have to feel ashamed.

Design & Animation - Yeonji Pak
Music - Jazz Comedy by BenSound
Sound design - Yeonji Pak, Stefan Bowes 
Special thanks to - Minho Shin, Linda Warners Constantino, Michelle Fine
I first began loosely drawing out the scenes, which included laying the characters out in several different ways to figure out the best composition. I chose comps with straight views to best show various kinds of farts and other characters' reactions. 
Color Exploration
Throughout the animation, I wanted to show different times of the day with colors, starting from early morning to late at night. To keep the color palette in each scene consistent but not identical, I needed to test out a variety of different color schemes that could properly express mornings to late night. At first, I began exploring colors through hand picking each shade, but found that none of the colors I came up with had the right impact. From there I decided to find color inspiration from impressionists' paintings, yielding a much stronger result.
Final Color Palette
In the end, I analyzed the colors from Monet's early morning paintings and brought those into my piece. The mix of warm and cool tones gave flexibility to express different times of a day. Bright and overall cool colors brought pleasant, stylized, and an industrial sense to the piece. 
When I was finalizing the illustrations, I focused on creating a clear color hierarchy to emphasize the main characters among other sub characters while maintaining the harmony between them. 
Animation Process
Planning out the timing and movements of the characters was the key in this work, so for each idea I created and tested different animatics. To ensure my animation was natural and had flow, I had my roommates film almost every action and reaction shown in the film.

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