Perigold Iconography
Perigold is one of Wayfair's lifestyle brands that offers thousands of luxury home furnishings from top brands all online. My task was to create product feature icons that reflects Perigold’s elevated brand identity and increase Add-to-Cart rate while reducing return rate.
I focused on designing icons that represent the action intuitively and are recognizable at a small size.

As you can see above, it was hard to digest information in the before as it was text heavy without the icons. Now it's more scannable and easy to see all the features at a glance.
Sharing some sketches, process of how I landed on the final look&feel and icon designs. 
After exploring different looks, me and my team decided the final option above as emphasis on its characteristic made it feel more unique to Perigold. There, I'm showing luxury through elongated forms and a mix of curved and angular shapes. I used grey fill as a supporting element of an icon and black line for emphasizing an action.

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