Different Types of Travelers

These spot illustrations were created based on an article from Tourism Victoria. To show richness and excitement that traveling give, I used various materials, such as acrylic gouache, acrylic, and paper with vibrant colors.

Authentic Travelers

"Authentic travelers appreciate the beauty of nature and enjoy using all of their senses when exploring."

Cultural Explorers

“Cultural explorers look for opportunities to embrace and immerse themselves in different cultures.”

No-Hassle Travelers

No-hassle travelers’ focus is relaxation and simplicity. They prefer worry-free travel and spending time with family and friends.”

Personal History Explorers

“Personal history explorers travel to gain a deeper understanding of their ancestry.”


“Thrill-seekers are energetic and they travel to satisfy their need for excitement.”

"The 9 Different Types of Travellers | Victoria British Columbia | Tourism Victoria." Tourism Victoria Blog. N.p., 9 May 2014. Web. 19 Dec. 2016.

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